My Story

 My name is April, owner and creator of Joanell Creations.  I am a Married mother of 3 beautiful daughters and 2 handsome 9yr old grandsons.  I have been a nurse (LPN) here in Louisiana for the past 13 almost 14 years in a geriatric facility.  Before that I was a CNA (certified nursing assistant) for 10 years.  Pre Global pandemic shutdown I was always on the go, I focused on everything and everyone other than myself, a bad habit that’s still hard to shake lol.  But With everything shut down for months and nowhere to go other than work the grocery store and home I had a lot of time to do some soul searching and I prayed to GOD often to help show me the way. I have always had a passion and love for making personalized gifts for my friends and family be it at Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary or just because….Doing so brought me great joy just to see the smile my gifts put on their faces and the appreciation I would receive for the time and detail that I put into their gifts.  So on January 8th 2021 I decided to take a leap of faith!! (A big deal for me because I’m such a introvert 🤦🏾‍♂️) But as scary as it was I turned my passion into profit by creating beautiful gifts that are inspired by my career as a nurse.  The name Joanell Creations was chosen because Joanell is my middle name and well I like to create 🤗.  My logo design was chosen based on my favorite colors teal/turquoise and a drawing that my grandma would do for me as a young child, for some reason this simple drawing fascinated me & for years after she passed away I would often sit and draw it on whatever piece of paper was near me at the time, to others it looked like nothing more than scribble on a paper but to me it meant so much more.  I have put great thought, time and detail into each of the items I have created for you so please take your time have a look around and of course buy a few things while you are here.  Please feel free to share with me your thoughts and ideas I am open to any and all suggestions, as I continue to work on creating beautiful, quality products for you.  Welcome to Joanell Creations it is a pleasure to meet you🥰